Yoga Teachers In Focus: Kristin Spence

25 May Yoga Teachers In Focus: Kristin Spence

Welcome back to our new series Yoga teachers in focus, giving you front row seats while we pick your Power Living yoga teacher’s minds on all things yoga. We are giving you not only insight into why they are leaders in the field of yoga but also how the practice of yoga supports them through challenging times. Today we talk to Kristen Spence,one of Power Living’s resident Bhakti teachers. Kris completed her 200 hr teacher training with Power Living in 2017 and was teaching full-time not long after.


If you have practiced with Kris, you already know that her classes are a deep dive into the full realm of yoga. She describes her teaching style as intelligent, balanced and traditional. Kirtan and mantra is a large part of her practice and, therefore, she encourages her students to step out of their conditioned mind and practice from their intuitive heart. You might even have been lucky enough to be serenaded by Kris during your savasana. Let’s find out more about her yoga journey and how the practice impacted her to become who she is today both on and off the mat.


1. How and when did you first get into yoga?


I started my first yoga class when I was 15 years old. It was a VHS of a Kundalini class that my boyfriend at the time got me for Christmas.



2. How long have you been teaching yoga for?


I’ve been teaching for around eight years, three years full time.



3. Who most influences your teaching style and why?


My inner Guru and my practice. Staying anchored in my practice, connected to my truth – teaching is just sharing that innate inner wisdom.



4. Who have you studied under?


Duncan Peak, Keenan Crisp, Janet Stone, Annie Carpenter, Octavio Salvado and Rod Stryker.



5. What was one of the most influential moments under one of these teachers?


Each teacher shapes my practice in different ways. It’s usually years on, after cementing their teachings in practice, do they really then come out in my teachings. I’ve recently trained with Annie Carpenter, and she said ‘teach simple and hard’. Do fewer poses, hold them for longer, so the pranic implications can emerge.




6. What aspect of yoga are you most inspired by?


The continuous unveiling of the Self. It is just one long beautiful exploration with discoveries every single day—the Great Awakening.



7. What is the latest challenge your personal practice is bringing you?


I adopted a puppy! It’s challenging to practice at home with a beautiful bouncy soul all over me, not complaining at all!



8. What’s your favourite part about sharing the practice of yoga?


Sharing methodologies that, by being practiced consistently over a long period, will no doubt lead to a realisation of greatness. There is always an ‘ah-ha’ moment in practice, where consciousness clicks. It’s like a remembering. We practice to remember and in that remembering is bliss.


9. What is your practice offering for you right now that you couldn’t live without?


Calm. Clarity. Stability.



10. What does your yoga practice mean to you during challenging times?


The practice is an anchor to peace, tranquillity and wisdom. Regardless of my external circumstances, there is an unchanging part of me that I can return to, whenever I please, that is pure bliss.


11. Your self-care ritual?


Does coffee count as self-care?



12. Favourite yoga pose? Why can’t you live without it?


Paschimottanasana. The Mother of all poses. It’s a return to balance – energetically, mentally and physiologically.



And lastly, what advice do you live by?


 ‘Love everyone and tell the truth’ – Maharajji (Neem Karoli Baba)




Thank you very much, Kris!




Practice with Kristin now.


Now you can practice with Power Living through live streaming directly into your home. Where ever you are in the world. Check the timetable and join Kris for one of her classes. Her classes are a deep dive into the full realm of yoga, and she encourages you to practice from your intuitive heart.

Don’t worry if you miss one of the many daily live streams. Just head over to Power Living’s online studio, yogaholics. There you can find lots of different yoga classes from meditation, yin, vinyasa, pilates and kundalini. These classes are lead by many of your favourite Power Living teachers. You can roll out your mat day and night, whenever you feel like you need some yoga.



When are you joining us online?







Written by the Power Living team






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