Yoga teachers in focus: Fiona Scicluna

11 May Yoga teachers in focus: Fiona Scicluna

Welcome to our new series Yoga teachers in focus, giving you front row seats while we pick your Power Living yoga teacher’s minds on all things yoga. You have open-heartedly let them virtually guide you through your home practice over the past weeks. Now it’s our turn to share their yoga journey with you. We are giving you not only insight into why they are leaders in the field of yoga but also how the practice of yoga supports them through challenging times. Today we talk to Fiona Scicluna, Neutral Bay and Manly Studio Manager and Facilitator.

If you have practiced one of Fiona’s classes, you have experienced it for yourself, how she invites you to create a space to listen, to breathe, to connect and ultimately become masters of your destiny. You might have wondered how does her yoga practice weave through her daily life. Let’s find out more about her, her yoga journey and how it influenced her to become not only the incredible yoga teacher but also the person she is today.


Q&A with Fiona Scicluna


1. How and when did you first get into yoga?

I was a professional dancer,and Bikram Yoga was the new ‘thing’ that everyone was doing. Jumping into my first Bikram class was purely for aesthetics back then. Then, in my third class, I noticed the world stop, my crazy thoughts paused, and I experienced a deep connection to self. It was brief, it was profound, and changed the trajectory of my life.


2. Who have you studied under?

I began my teacher training with Power Living in 2014 with Duncan Peak and Keenan Crisp. I have then since continued to train with Power Living in Advanced Assisting with Adam Whiting, Sarah Powers in Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, Maty Ezraty, Brad Hay and  Yogarupa Rod Stryker.


3. Who most influences your yoga teaching style, and why?

I am currently studying with Parayoga, under the guidance of Yogarupa Rod Stryker. How I show up in life and how I show up for myself has been powerfully and positively impacted by the teachings and wisdom he shares and how I practice. This has ultimately influenced how I teach and how I show up for my students.


4. What was one of the most influential moments under one of these teachers?

There have been so many, and I feel so blessed to have been guided by their wisdom. I clearly remember the moment when Maty Ezraty said- ‘Look up, you have the right to be here’. At that moment, I was filled with so much light and, if you practice with me, you know that I continue to say this in my classes today.


5. What aspect of yoga are you most inspired by?

To be honest, my practice. I remember Yogarupa saying once, your practice is your teacher, and it is my practice that has and continues to offer me inspiration, insight, healing and clarity.


6. What is the latest challenge your personal practice is bringing you, and how are you meeting that challenge?

Honestly, disconnecting from technology when I do not need to be on it. With so much more time online, I have found it challenging to put my phone down. So I have set some parameters – I do not turn my phone on until my morning practice/ritual is complete, and no screen time after 8 pm.


7. What is your practice offering you right now, that you couldn’t live without?

 Steadiness, clarity, trust and self-love. Allow me to elaborate a little more. Before these times, we had fears, doubts and worries, and they do not magically disappear when we decide to push them aside.  When we are faced with uncertainty, change, extra space, it feels like these fears etc. come back and come back with a vengeance. So I see this time as a gift and as an opportunity to listen, to grow, to heal and restore my connection to self. This is not easy and sometimes it looks messy and feels uncomfortable, so in the process of moving through my fears and the messiness, I am learning about compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and self-love. I am learning to stay when I usually run. My practice is offering me steadiness and showing me what it means to trust and to be brave.


8. Share with us your self-care ritual?

Dawn, dusk and the ocean. I love the first and last moments of sunlight and finding that moment to pause to watch the light change. The sea- watching it, swimming in it, salty hair, sandy toes – fills my cup.


9. The advice you live by?

Rather than being listened to, listen.



Thank you very much, Fi!


Practice with Fiona now


Now you can practice with Fi live streaming directly into your home. Where ever you are in the world. Check the timetable and join Fiona for one of her early morning classes. Her classes are infused with traditional wisdom and teachings, movement, breath and stillness. There has never been a more beautiful way to start your day!


Don’t worry if you miss one of the many daily live streams. Just head over to Power Living’s online yoga studio, yogaholics. There you can find lots of different yoga classes from meditation, yin, vinyasa, pilates and kundalini. These classes are lead by many of your favourite Power Living teachers. You can roll out your mat whenever you feel like you need some yoga now.


When are you practising with us next?





Written by the Power Living team


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