Meet Sol Ulbrich in this week’s yoga teacher feature

16 Jul Meet Sol Ulbrich in this week’s yoga teacher feature

Ever wanted to know the ins and outs of a Power Living yoga teacher’s life? We are starting our new yoga teacher feature series with Sol Ulbrich. This super soulful, hilarious and generous-spirited yoga teacher gives us insights on his former life as a professional contemporary dancer. 

We will find out why he turned his professional dancing shoes in to become one of the most chilled out, light-hearted yoga teacher’s around. Furthermore, Sol will let us know what his favourite yoga pose and teaching style is.


Power Living: Where is your hometown?

Sol: I grew up in Adelaide, but Sydney is now my home with my wife and three kids.


Power Living: How and when did you first get into yoga?

Sol: I had dabbled in yoga while I was training as a professional contemporary dancer. I first really committed to my practice in 1999 under the guidance of Gary Cook at the Hatha Yoga Shala in Adelaide.


Power Living: Where did you do your yoga teacher training?

Sol: Originally, I was teaching yoga informally, as well as teaching dance, following the guidance of David and Simi Roche my Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers. I formalised my yoga certifications with Duncan Peak at Power Living in his first-ever Teacher Training. Since then I have completed the 500hr pathway with Power Living as well as many other complimentary pieces of training in Shadow Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Kids Yoga, Lotus Flow, Ayurveda, and different related specialisations.


Power Living: What is your daily personal yoga or general exercise routine?

Sol: I still follow a fairly Ashtanga Vinyasa based personal practice – although I modify considerably. I love attending the classes taught at Power Living, varying Vinyasa and Yin styles with all the magnificent teachers. I also love to throw in some gentle cycling or swimming. Plus an occasional pump class or resistance session at the gym.


Power Living: If you had to describe your yoga teaching style in 3 words they would be?

Sol: Steady, simple, and light-hearted.


Power Living: What is your favourite yoga pose?

Sol: It’s hard to go past Trikonasana.


Power Living: Words to live by?

Sol: New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.


You can practice with Sol in person at one of the Power Living studios in Sydney. You can expect to have plenty of laughs and insightful yoga practice. Not living near a studio, no worries, hop onto Yogaholics to join Sol in one of his Soul Train videos. Not a Yogaholics member? That’s cool, join today for a 10-day free trial.


Written by Katie Fowler




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