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Why Train With Power Living?

The most powerful 200 hours, 350 hours & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Australia, Power Living has been transforming lives for over a decade.

Power Living’s 200-hour Teacher Training is education with a difference. We are committed to elevating yoga-teaching standards around the globe through our 200-hour, 350-hour 
and 500-hour education pathways.

Power Living is recognised as the ‘teacher of teachers’, and as such, our graduates are regarded as some of the best-trained facilitators in the industry.

Our Teacher Training isn’t just for aspiring teachers, but for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice and gain a better understanding of yoga philosophy and its origins.

Why Do Your Yoga Teacher Training With Power Living?

We elevate and accelerate our students to teach authentically, build communities and transform lives, starting with their own. You’ll learn applied anatomy, sequencing and yoga philosophy from experts who have decades of combined teaching experience.

Our Teacher Training courses are led by the Power Living facilitation team who are dedicated to delivering a transformational and comprehensive program, empowering you to live with courage and passion.

Training with us will give you the knowledge and understanding to be competent on the mat and in the classroom, and help you positively impact the lives of your students and broader communities. Whether you’re just starting out on your teaching journey or you’ve been teaching for years, Power Living offers a range of courses to support all levels of students.

Teaching & Assisting

Master sequencing, delivery, inspirational theming and hands-on assisting to create a truly mind-blowing class for your students. Gain teaching experience from the get-go, receiving live feedback and coaching throughout the course.

Anatomy & Physiology

Be challenged and inspired by the human body, how it works, latest research and practical teaching applications. Learn how to read students bodies, giving you the ability to facilitate from an educated understanding of the human form.

Join Our Tribe

Become part of the community of Power Living teachers, feel the support of our tribe and continue to learn from the best in the business. Gain access to teachers’ practices, assisting programs and eligibility to attend 500hr courses to advance your yoga study.

Retreat Immersions

An opportunity to dive deeper into your practice, confront beliefs that hold you back, and discover your ultimate self.

Yoga History

Delve into the roots of yogic history and tradition to discover ancient teachings that are just as relevant today.

Develop & Grow

Power Living runs 200hr and 500hr teacher training programs which are Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance and Fitness Australia approved and recognised.

Why Retreat?

Power Living Retreats Are A Journey Of Radical Self-discovery & Transformation

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? The retreat module is an opportunity for practitioners and teachers of all levels to dive deeper into their practice, confront beliefs that hold them back, and discover their ultimate self.

Our retreats are the foundation of Power Living’s transformational yoga practice. We’ve been running these programs for many years and they continue to be the biggest game-changer for personal development and growth.

This is likely to be one of the most powerful life training you’ll experience. Not only will you deepen your physical practice but you’ll also develop a life-long commitment to meditation, self-awareness and authentic living.


What Happens During A Retreat?

This is a week that will challenge your mind, body and spirit. You’ll learn new techniques and skills to improve your physical asana and meditation practice.

A full immersion program, the daily schedule includes meditation, yoga practices including Vinyasa and Yin, program lectures, group sessions to uncover limiting beliefs and inspiring community activities. You’ll also undergo a gentle cleanse with amazing vegetarian food that can be combined to suit all body types.

Our promise is you’ll leave the week feeling strong, inspired and with a renewed passion for life.

Am I Ready?

As Duncan always says, in order to inspire others, we must first be committed to transforming ourselves. We see student and teacher as no different – together we grow, learn and inspire. This is our practice this is our commitment.

One of the most frequently asked questions asked by our students is AM I READY? You don’t need an advanced level of practice to participate in the program, what you gain relies not on your experience or how flexible you are, but the passion and the enthusiasm you bring. The 200hr program is designed to challenge and inspire students ranging from the newly committed yogi to the longstanding practitioner and teacher.

The course is immersive, heart-opening, life-changing and is for:


Aspiring Teachers

  • Those ready to facilitate transformation in others through the power of yoga
  • Already qualified yoga teachers looking to refresh or expand their training


Dedicated Students Wanting To Deepen Their Practice

  • Students looking to expand their own personal practice without the intention to teach
  • Committed students with a desire and passion to learn, not just about yoga asana but about themselves

Student Blogs

Training to become a teacher with Power Living will give you the knowledge and understanding required to be competent in the classroom, but also the self-esteem required to be an example for people in life. Hear first hand from some of our graduates.

What yoga experience do I need to do teacher training?

We recommend a minimum of six months’ dedicated Vinyasa yoga practice before enrolling in the course. If your background is in a style other than this, we recommend you have a minimum of one year’s dedicated personal practice before applying, plus some experience of Vinyasa yoga. If you haven’t done Vinyasa before, we recommend trying out some classes in one of our studios to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Do I have to complete all three modules to gain certification?

All teacher trainees must complete all three courses modules outlined in the program overviews [link to the 200hr content]. The program has been designed specifically to meet the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia 200hr teacher training requirements. Missing out on a course component or not completing it in time would mean you have not completed the required number of contact hours and areas of study, and will not gain full 200hr certification.

What if I can’t attend all the modules as outlined in the program schedule?

We strongly recommend you only enrol in a program you are able to complete in the allotted timeframes.

Under rare circumstances, you may be able to complete Module 2 – Retreat Immersion or Module Three – Assisting Program after you have completed Module One – Core Program: Laying the Foundations (less the examinations). These modules must be completed within one calendar year. Any requests to complete these modules outside the scheduled timetable will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the best possible results, stick to the dates provided in the program overview.

Do you offer any accelerated training programs for students living out of state or overseas?

The pathway to the 200hr certification must be followed as outlined, by completing all three modules within the minimum three-month time period.

The program has been designed to offer the best possible training to our students.  We believe the minimum three-month time period gives trainees the best opportunity to integrate their learning, practice teaching, take classes at Power Living studios and become immersed in the community.

The week-long retreat is a required component of the course, offering our trainees the opportunity to experience an intense, full-immersion learning environment, resulting in a hugely transformative personal experience. Students travel interstate to attend many of our courses, and we can assure you it does work, it is possible, and putting in the extra miles is totally worth it.

Do you offer recognition of prior learning for those who are already certified in a different style of fitness training?

We have a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application available to applicants who have a 200hr yoga certification or higher. If you are a certified fitness or Pilates instructor, you are required to complete all three course modules to gain your 200hr certification.

The content for the program is very yoga-specific: you will continue to learn about the body even with an extensive anatomy, physiology or movement background.

Outside the program tuition, are there any additional costs on the 200hr teacher training course?

The course fee includes your Power Living Training manual, all lectures and classes, plus your accommodation and meals during the Retreat Immersion.

The only additional expenses are the course text books (3 compulsory, 2 recommended), which can be purchased through Power Living and your travel to and from the Retreat Immersion.

An added bonus of being a 200hr teacher trainee is your tuition includes unlimited practice at any of the Power Living Studios for Module 1 of your teacher training! This pass commences on the first day of your training and finishes on the day before the immersion retreat. You will also receive a free Yogaholics subscription for the entirety of the course. 




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