Scott Tuddenham – Power Living Certified Yoga Teacher


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Scott Tuddenham

Eaglehawk, VIC
Scott Tuddenham Power Living Teachers Network

I came to yoga, I left yoga,I came back and left again, and again and again until the switch went off and I finally stayed. I have trained with Power Living and Vitality Yoga and a scattering of others along the way. My classes will give you an honest open authentic experience and sharing of my lessons, experiences and offerings from a place of constant learning on and off the mat.

What do you value most in others? Why?

Authenticity – because it is real.

What has been your most inspirational/toughest learning experience?

The unexpected death of my father when I was 21 – the grief is what lead me to yoga.

How would you describe your classes?

An authentic, unguarded offering from me to you.

Contact details

Mobile: +61 413 312 071