Samantha Belyea – Power Living Certified Yoga Teacher


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Samantha Belyea

Neutral Bay, NSW
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I was first introduced to yoga as a teenager when my mum placed a yoga DVD on my bed, as a deep hope it might help me get out of my head and allow me to heal stress and anxiety. At that time I was so surprised by how much it worked my body that the physicality of the practice really drew me in. However it was a much deeper resonance with the traditional teachings and philosophy that kept bringing me back. Yoga did something to me that I had never experienced before and couldn’t explain – for the first time in my life I had an experience of space and could see that I wasn’t just the voices inside of my head. A long story short, yoga helped me heal my six year battle with eating disorders and anxiety. The practice always has and continues to be my greatest teacher and healer.

I have been absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to complete over 700 hours of training with a number of teachers. I undertook my 200 hour Teacher Training with Power Living and continued on to do my Advanced Assisting and Yin Teacher Training with them. I have spent most of my time exploring under Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons in Embodied Flow and I am now 500 hour qualified Embodied Flow Teacher. Embodied Flow radically shifted everything for me and only continues to unravel and expand my experience of everything that is. To me it has been the ultimate experience of ‘coming home’ to myself. I have also been so blessed to have trained under Maty Ezraty and Simon Park.

I teach light-hearted, playful, explorative classes inspired deeply by Tantrik philosophy. Tantra speaks directly to my heart and this is the place I then teach from. To me this gives my students the open invitation and opportunity to break free of the limited confines and barnacles of their minds and expand the bandwidth of their awareness, movement and beingness. Ultimately unlocking a place inside that is inextricably bound yet inexplicably free.

Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Adho Mukah Svanasana. It is the boss. Such a seemingly simple yet beautifully complex and intricate pose. It reminds me how to stay grounded, light and free.

How would you best friend describe you?
I asked her and she said; “a tiny human with a huge heart, full of love and compassion, the warmest and wisest of souls”.

What do you value most in others? Why?

Authenticity, laughter, truthfulness, playfulness, honesty. These qualities that bring us back to our true, unbounded nature.

Contact details:

Mobile number: +61 (0) 404 072 381