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Kate Nicholls

Wellington, New Zealand
Kate Nicholls Power Living Australia Yoga Teachers Network

I first discovered yoga when I bought a couple of Kundalini yoga DVDs off Amazon while living overseas in 2006. Those two DVDs were my constant while living in Europe for four years, away from family and suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

When I came back to New Zealand in 2010 yoga fell by the wayside. I tried a couple of studios over the years but nothing motivated me to keep going. When I saw a new studio was opening in Wellington I thought I’d try a class on opening day. As soon as I walked into the Power Living studio I instantly felt a sense of community and aroha. I signed up for a year on the spot and have never looked back.

I love every aspect of the practice; the way I feel after a strong asana class, how the 5000 year old philosophy is still so relevant to our modern lives, and how our muscles, organs and nervous system work and respond to movement and meditation. I have a thirst for learning new things and integrating them into my life, and I can’t wait to share with my community and increase the yoga love!

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

I love crow pose (kakasana). There is a balance between strength and faith that just makes me feel so strong and free.

How would you best friend describe you?

Compassionate, loving and kind.

What does the term modern yogi mean to you?

To me, being a modern yogi is about exploring and understanding the traditional philosophy and finding ways to apply it to the crazy world we live in. Our modern society is completely different to 5000 years ago when yoga is said have originated, so for me, being an example of someone who is compassionate, lives in their power and continues to look inside to inspire change in others is what being a modern yogi means to me.

Contact details

Phone (NZ): (027) 443-6111