Joseph Rundle – Power Living Certified Yoga Teacher


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Joseph Rundle

McMahons Point, NSW
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I started my yoga journey as a teenager in Japan, when an Indian guru en route to California stopped at my hometown and gave me and my friends a few simple yoga exercises to practice and a mantra to recite. I was also captivated by Zen and learned meditation at the Eiheiji Zen Buddhist temple and lived alongside the monks for a period of time. Zen is a path that can take us to direct recognition of our awakened nature, and Yoga attunes the body and mind to more balanced state. They appear to be different pathways but both point us in the direction of our true nature. My practice and teaching cover vinyasa, hatha and yin but in each the focus is on deepening our connection with inner stillness.

What do you value most in others? Why?

I value the inner light that shines in others – it is the one consciousness that radiates through in each one of us. Having said this I value compassion and a kind heart.

What is your favourite book?

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

What has been your most inspirational/toughest learning experience?

The most challenging lesson for me was at one pivotal point I had to let everything go. Surrender stripped everything false to realise the one thing that was real within me.

Contact details

Mobile: +61 400 045 587