Meet the Power Living Teacher Network- the names, faces and what makes them tick

Eve-Lauren Gindein

Fremantle, WA
Eve-Lauren Gindein Power Living Teachers Network

I discovered yoga after a debilitating car accident in 2010 and since have dabbled in different practices on my way to healing and recovery. I’ve completed over 450 hours of official training with different yoga schools and 355 of these were with Power Living. I have a passion for Power Vinyasa and creative, intelligent sequencing threaded with approachable, relatable yogic philosophy. I’m an authentic, humble, warm and friendly teacher and an always-inspired and inspiring story teller. My classes are creative, playful, challenging and full of interesting transitions and arm balances. Students feel encouraged and safe in my class, which is an accepting and non-judgemental container for growth. I don’t take anything seriously and you’ll always leave my class with a smile on your face, skip in your step, song in your heart, sweat on your brow – and having learned something new.

How would you best friend describe you?

Sent as a text to my best friends, here are their responses: “Warm, Enthusiastic, Most Likely to Lead a Cult” “Friendly, Gift of the Gab, Acid Tongued yet Sexy” “Energetic, Loveable, A Force to be Reckoned with” “Authentic, Vivacious, Creative, Ballsy” “.. A Bit Different.”

What do you value most in others? Why?

Authenticity, honesty, genuineness, courage, humility, grace, compassion. I value people who are unapologetically yet humbly themselves. People who go against the grain – politely and considerately. Those who colour outside the lines – from the heart. Those who question everything – in the name if inquiry and conscious evolution. I value those who are honest – in a compassionate way, confident, yet graceful and humble, and who do not self-righteously-spiritually-bypass the things that are globally important. Those who are open minded – but not by self-diagnosis, and who are adaptable and flexible and willing to be wrong and fail. I like people that have a strong work ethic, just because.

What does the term modern yogi mean to you?

To be a modern yogi is to practice what you preach, nothing less, and preach what you practice – nothing more. We have the luxury to take what we need from various traditional yogic philosophies and apply them to our modern knowledge of how the human body safely functions, and the scientifically proven benefits of ‘movement’ ‘meditation’ and ‘breath.’ For me, living and teaching as a Modern Yogi means to apply the concepts of living with intention, self-inquiry, stillness, mindfulness and non-harming (and the rest of the yamas and niyamas to an extent) to a movement and stillness practice that is safe, enjoyable and engaging.

Contact details

Mobile: +61 438 017 186

Email: infoompoweryoga.com.au