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Edel Maher

Mount Hawthorn, WA
Edel Maher Power Living Australia Yoga Teachers Network

My first yoga class was a Bikram 90 min hot-yoga class. I was terrible and couldn’t believe how everyone else was like an elastic band. The only reason I decided to go was I needed to lose weight after years of Irish dancing I had some serious injuries and I was on lots of strong medication. I immediately saw the difference yoga made to my injuries. What I didn’t realise then was just how negative mentally I was. They say yoga finds you and it most certainly found me. I would like to say I am a much better version of myself more balanced, kinder, and more sincere but the journey is only starting. I never thought I would get the opportunity to teach yoga and now that I am teaching it broken through even more layers to find the true authentic Edel. I trained at Power Living in North Perth October 2016. My background is physio so my passion is alignment and anatomy. My students say my classes are defiantly a “strong workout” to test your limits along with deep stretching. A sprinkling of philosophy a splash of humour and so rockin’ tunes to close the practice.

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Standing Big Toe Pose. As I started with Bikram, this was the pose I thought I would never be able to do as a result of a cruciate knee injury. It was such a proud moment to realise anything is possible if you are determined patient and most of all believe in yourself.

What has been your most inspirational/toughest learning experience?

Losing my mum to cancer when she was 57. The pain I felt when we lost her was unimaginable. I thought I would never be the same without her. She was my rock, my inspiration my whole world. It is only when someone you love is gone you realise how important they are. I remember listening to people complain about silly things and I said I would never again take life for granted. I learned to appreciate the people I love in my life so much more and to make sure they knew just how much I love them. Life is about living and I would defiantly say I am a more carefree person now.

Contact details

Email: emaher1hotmail.com