Meet the Power Living Teacher Network- the names, faces and what makes them tick

Bree Corbett

Randwick, NSW
Bree Corbett Power Living Australia Yoga Teachers Network

Yoga runs in my family. My grandmother was a yoga teacher and my mum had a regular practice that she was committed to. The women in my life were my role models. I admired their strength and independence, and I watched how yoga helped them achieve a healthy, happy, connected and full life. I wanted that.

Despite being introduced to yoga as a young girl, I didn’t commit to a regular practice until my early twenties. The journey started as a simple desire for better mobility and flexibility, and now after studying in both India and Australia it has grown and matured into a practice that nourishes mind, body and soul. Now I practice yoga to both strengthen and stretch, to connect and disconnect, to challenge and to discipline, and most of all to have fun.

I’m looking forward to where the journey takes me to next.

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Any and all of the variations of a yin dragon pose. As an ultra marathon runner I love the way it physically releases hip flexors, quads and opens the hip joint, but also emotionally it always reveals when I’m stuck and need to soften and let go.

How would you best friend describe you?

I asked, she said: Fiercely passionate, adventurous, spiritual, determined, resilient, incredibly loyal, joyful….always the glass half full kinda gal.

What do you value most in others? Why?

Honesty, compassion, kindness and a good sense of humour. Because life always seems to be more fun, peaceful and loving with these types of peeps.

Contact details

Mobile: +61 405 932 976

Email: breezacorbettgmail.com

Website: www.breecorbett.com