Annie Aitken – Power Living Certified Yoga Teacher


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Annie Aitken

Manly, NSW
Annie Aitkin Power Living Australia Yoga Teachers Network

I began yoga at Power Living about 2 years ago and ever since then my life has continued to change for the better. Since then, I have learnt so much about myself and about how to balance my actions and beliefs to live my best life. I love the practice so much because there is always somewhere to grow and learn.

I am able to share my knowledge with children as I am a primary school teacher as well. This is a really special experience for me as I can see how giving them the opportunity to be still and to move consciously positively affects the relationship they have with themselves and others.

I trained with Power Living at the beginning of 2017 to simply develop my own Yoga practice, but since then the joy of sharing my new knowledge others has encouraged me to teach Yoga whenever I can.

My classes are delivered in a fun, light hearted manner and ask my students to start building a deeper relationship with themselves and their bodies through challenging and conscious movements.

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Trikonasana- triangle pose. I love this pose because my experiences in it change every day and the stretch is delicious!

What do you value most in others? Why?

Authenticity. I love that feeling when you first meet someone and you straight away know they are being real with you.

What has been your most inspirational/toughest learning experience?

Relationship break-ups. I have learnt so much about myself through romantic and friendship break-ups. They have helped me become the person I am today and they also led me to Yoga.

Contact details

Mobile: +61 409 712 519