Meet the Power Living Teacher Network- the names, faces and what makes them tick

Kristy Hocking

Bondi, NSW
Kristy Hocking

I come from a performance background and have been practicing since a teen but really got enticed by yoga when I lived in LA and needed it more than ever. I’ve practiced mostly in heated Vinyasa flow and this is why I trained with Power Living receiving my 200hr certification this year. As a trained and trialed actress you may see some theatrics in my class, but only the good, clean, fun kind- the drama stays on the screen. As a comedic improvisor, you can expect twists and turns, and playfulness all while sweating it out. A grounded approach to philosophy and adaption to the modern yogi life-style you can expect to connect to body, mind and soul during my class while turning the corners of your mouth upward.

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Always fluctuates, but right now Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana really gets me going. The flow between freedom, balance and strength in half moon makes me feel like I am floating on a supercharged cloud. I love opening and lengthening and the challenge to lift the bottom hand and reach for the sky.

How would you best friend describe you?

Crazy Kristy has definitely been coined by a few friends, but my best friends know me to be a walking contradiction- serious and silly, kind-hearted but takes no B.S., reliable yet airy fairy and a whole lot of talking about the moon.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

I always thought I’d like to have my own show kind of like Oprah but maybe not so prolific- I don’t want to be handing out more cars- maybe Kombucha! I’d be the hostess with the mostess of course- most kindness, inquisitve nature and jokes! I’d interview game-changers, artists and highlight hard-working individuals who are changing the world quietly. I’d probably perform some sort of comedy myself and give my fans yoga memberships and keep cups! This is potentially a possibility as I am currently a Presenter on TV- hellooo Networks, do we have a deal?

Contact details

Email: yoga@kristyhocking.com