Learn How To Set Intentions To Transform Your Life

20 May Learn How To Set Intentions To Transform Your Life

At the beginning of your yoga practice, your teacher might have asked to set an intention for yourself or to dedicate your practice to something or someone.



Setting an intention is not only a beautiful way of practicing on your mat but also a powerful energetic tool to take into your daily life. When you’re focusing your mind on a specific intention during your yoga practice, you are bringing it to your focused mind, your thoughts, your heart … and, in turn, helping to bring it into reality. We’ll show you how this works and how you can implement it into other aspects of your life.


Before we dive deeper, let’s explore the difference behind both intention and dedication.

Your intention can be anything from gratitude, playfulness, being present in the moment, bringing more awareness to your breath, love, being kind, listening to your body or releasing negativity. Aim to keep your intentions positive and uplifting. Your intention is the link between what you practice on your mat and what you continue to focus on when you are off your mat. It will uplift your own energy and increase your vibration in your life. Whether you realise or intend it or not, you are acting as an example to inspire the lives of those you encounter. By embodying this energy and keeping it with you, once you stepped off your mat, you are expressing a more authentic you.


Beyond setting an intention, you can also dedicate your practice to something or someone. The difference to setting an intention is that dedication is the conscious decision to send positive energy to someone or something other than yourself, something which inspires or motivates you to stay present on your mat. By dedicating your practice to someone or something, you share the positive energy that you cultivate on your mat with the community and world around you, thereby making the world a more peaceful, loving, joy-filled place, one person at a time.


You can also dedicate your practice to a person or situation, that is challenging you in your life right now. Sending light and love to circumstances in your life that have caused discomfort may help to alleviate the negative energy connected to that person or situation. This, in turn, creates an opportunity for growth and self-acceptance, overcoming the obstacles in life that you will continue to encounter.


This quote by Buddha summarizes everything beautifully:

 “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Next time when you step on your mat, set an intention that resonates with you deeply. Know that, by focusing your energy towards your intention or dedication on your mat, you can also change your own energy and vibration off the mat. It will manifest in your life, inspire and uplift yourself and like a ripple effect of positive vibrations everyone around you.


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See you on the mat, yogis!


Written by Ahlia Hoffman