Yin & Pins

with Michelle Smith & Becca Andrews

Join us in this experience of yin yoga and acupuncture. This workshop combines the two ancient healing modalities of acupuncture and yoga, brought together to help you restore balance in your entire physiology.
It’s when the seasons change that our immune system is the most fragile and that we are most susceptible to fall out of equilibrium. Yin and acupuncture both are effective practices to stimulate the immune system, restoring a lasting harmony in the body-mind.
What a better time than the winter solstice to offer yourself a bit of TLC?! This healing session is open to a small group of people to guarantee a deep experience for each participant.

Date: 7 Aug

Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Location: Fitzroy

Cost: $49 (10% discount for members & concession)

Meet Michelle

Michelle found a home in the yin practice whilst recovering from chronic fatigue and credits this practice as a crucial part of her recovery, rest and journey towards living a more mindful life. Her style is steeped in Daoist philosophy, drawing often from lessons learned during her time spent in the Wudang Mountains in China. She loves to create space for homecoming throughout the practice and believes the true gift of the yin yoga practice lies in the space we create not just within the physical body, but the space we create to connect back to the deepest part of ourselves.

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