Transcendent Breathwork with Energy & Sound Healing

with Citadel

Connect to the healer within you through the transcendent alchemy of your breath. In this powerful and nourishing healing journey, you will be guided through a deep breath-work practice where you can more easily release blocked energy and emotion in the body, receive downloads, connect with your intuition, experience deep cellular healing and so much more.

To support the process, Citadel connects and channels Reiki, Intuitive energy healing and sound through her voice. This workshop is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Yang and yin. Participation and receiving.

If you are feeling disconnected or stressed out, this journey is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and fill up your cup


Date: Sunday 25th Sept
Time: 12-2pm
Cost: $55 (members get a 10% discount)

Date: Sun 25th Sept

Time: 12:00 - 2:00PM

Manly Beach Studio

Cost $55 | 10% Discount For Members

Picture of Citadel

Meet Citadel

Citadel is a singer/songwriter and healer passionate about creating spaces through song, sound and energy for people to release, heal and experience the truth of who they are.


She has played music and led healing and chanting workshops at The Mind Body Spirit Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Subsonic Festival, Om Rising USA, South Coast Soul Festival and various yoga classes and events including collaborating with Janet Stone and Darren Percival.


Her moon circles, breathwork journeys and chanting events bring the community together through vulnerability, authenticity and courage.


Her music is available on all digital stores including iTunes and Spotify.



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