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A healthy spine supports a healthy life! We believe in the power of body knowledge to keep you moving powerfully and safely. We rarely have the opportunity in class to go in depth and understand the anatomy of this conduit of energy through your body. Join physiotherapist and Senior yoga facilitator Triton Tunis-Mitchell, along with advanced practitioner Manny Cebo in a 2.5 hour workshop to uncover how the different parts of your spine work best for asana and for life.
This workshop will focus on backbends, and we’ll work through the basic principles starting from upward facing dog and taking them all the way through to advanced back bending postures. Learn your transverse process from your spinous process, your lordotic curves from your kyphotic curves and understand how to recognise and work with the natural range in your spine through big extensions.
Perfect for all levels and all bodies.


About Triton Tunis-Mitchell & Manny Cebo

Triton comes to yoga from a long history of body knowledge and practice. This includes over 30 years of training, performing and teaching acrobatics across Australia and the globe. Alongside this, Triton completed a Bachelor or Physiotherapy in 2004 and has spent more than 14 years as a musculoskeletal therapist, helping people both recover from injury and find their full physical potential.
Beginning training as a teacher in 2012, Triton’s yoga practice has evolved from being merely another way to move, to being the practice that supports living a life that is bold, generous and meaningful.
Manny has been practicing yoga asana since she was a child and teaching it since 2015. She has studied progressive asana with Duncan Peak and Cassie Lee and is excited to empower students through physical strength and self-discovery.

7 April 2018






Triton Tunis-Mitchell


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