Sanctuary of Sound – Neutral Bay

with Eayana

Eayana invite you to join them for a ceremonial sound journey experience through BREATH, MUSIC & HEALING.

They create a welcoming space for you to deeply relax, explore your inner landscape, return to a harmonic state of being and be uplifted in love. You will be guided through the flow of your breath to a deep state of peace as you are immersed in the vibrations of their songs and instruments including a crystal singing bowl, didgeridoo, Navajo flutes, medicine drum and harmonium (just to name a few).

Eayana are no strangers to Power Living, often contributing their soothing soundscapes to Yin classes at Neutral Bay. Much-loved and appreciated, we’re excited to offer you this sanctuary away from the daily grind and stressors. Gift yourself this time and space and leave rejuvenated and uplifted.

24 April 2021

6:30pm - 8:30pm

$59 / 10% Members discount

Meet Eayana


Guided by the flow of life and joys of co-creating, Aimee da Roza and Zane Thompson created Eayana: a musical collaboration with an intention to uplift their listeners combining an array of instruments with an eclectic skill set. Eayana offers a unique sound journey experience this is not to be missed.

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