Resonance: Mantra & Movement – Carlee & Hayley – Neutral Bay Studio

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Can you find stillness in movement? Can you allow the movement to continue to live, when you are no longer moving? Join Carlee and Hayley for an afternoon exploring movement & mantra and discover how these polar opposite practices are more alike than they seem.

We’ll start with a series of movement sequences, with attention placed on how we transition in the moments in between. Followed by stillness – a moment to encourage the movement to continue to live and let the unexpected surface. This will be enhanced by the power of voice – as mantra and traditional chants are sung, surrender and allow the magic of this practice be revealed.


About Carlee Mellow

Carlee is a choreographer and contemporary dancer, whose career spans across Australia and across the globe. Carlee likes teaching people how to teach themselves. In her experience it is this kind of learning that has the greatest impact on individuals. She feels when people are asked to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, this empowers and equips them with the necessary tools to sustain this lifelong practice.


About Hayley Driscoll

Hayley comes from a background of being a professional singer, actress and musical theatre performer. Her voice is powerful and resonates within you long after she has stopped singing. Hayley has studied with Jimmy Barkans in heated and vinyasa yoga training and with Sarah Powers. Focus and discipline was her gateway into yoga and that is what she hopes to inspire others with.


8 April 2018




Neutral Bay


Carlee & Hayley


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