SmartFLOW Yoga: PELVIC GIRDLE 3H MASTERCLASS – Annie Carpenter – Fitzroy Studio

Annie carpenter masterclass



Tight hips often impacts the lower back and can result in a shortening of the psoas, all of which restricts our mobility. In this 3 hour workshop, you will get to dive into all 4 sides of your hip sockets in order to activate the hips fully and to release deeply.

The workshop will bring the best of FUNctional anatomy, focused asana, guidance in assisting and therapeutic practices to nurture you into more inspired and creative teaching and/or personal practice.

The Masterclass is open to students of all levels looking for fun, challenge and a chance to practice with a world renown teacher!



About Annie

Known as a Teacher’s Teacher, Annie has created a well-respected system of Teaching Methodology, SmartFLOW Yoga. She has the ability to educate her students on a very subtle and discerning level, marrying precision with exploration and challenge with play. You will be tested to your edge, physically and mentally, laugh out loud, and settle into a compassionate and satisfying state of presence.



“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.” 


15 November 2019






Annie Carpenter



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