Men’s Circle

with Troy Abraham

Welcome Brothers!


Today’s man is expected to embody a lot of different roles… and the one that is often most overlooked is the role of an emotional human. With worldwide pandemics squeezing us, economical crises and much more spiritual dissonance, men’s mental health has been in decline steeply these past few years.


As the world keeps spinning, we are often heard to say things like “Suck it up”, and just go about business as usual, but we have forgotten how to actually open up and relieve ourselves of what’s bugging us. As well, we may have collectively forgotten the sacred space of sitting with men around the fire, going out “on the hunt” and have exchanged these rituals for just goin’ to the pub and chewin’ the fat. This can be great for us, but deep down, we all still crave that connection to other men sat around the proverbial fire in true, authentic character.


This Men’s Circle will be the opportunity to sit in sacred space, no fluff and no need to uphold any mask. Feel free to sit and hold space and listen, to share, to be seen and heard. Come in and drop armor, be still and be open.

Date: 09 July 2022

Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Location: Manly Beach Studio

$30 (10% discount for members)

Meet Troy

Troy has been facilitating groups for 13 years across North and Central America, as well as right here in Australia and Asia. Primarily focusing on the transformational benefits of a yoga practice, he has always maintained that in a space well held, students will allow themselves to open up and relax into the safety of being amongst a tribe that supports them.

In his time in facilitating, Troy has hosted nearly 6,500 group yoga classes, and 100s of Teacher Trainings where students have dove deep into their being, and found self-propelled transformations that were available all along, and simply needed to be revealed.

In this circle, Troy will be hosting to hold space for men to simply be heard, and to speak openly, freely and incisively, as there is no time to waste on our collective journey of self-expression and interaction with the world.
We hope you’ll join us, and that you will show up fully, for yourself and for your brothers!

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