Introduction to Hand Balancing

3 Hour Workshop with Miguel Sant’ana.

This epic 3hr Workshop includes Hand Balancing Theory , Warm up, Handstand progressions and conditioning training.

Part One: Explains The technique of “whole body positioning”

From fingers to toes aiming to achieve a perfectly straight handstand. We will also discuss the free handstand positioning:

  • Body Tightness
  • Finger Tips
  • Core Engagement and Strength
  • Breathing Technique 
  • Inner Sight Self Connection and Control 

Part Two: Warming up

Warming up the whole body based working flexibility, mobility and strength. This section focuses heavily on shoulders and wrists.

Part Three: Handstand Progression 

This section helps students to build confidence on standing upside down with up to 10 main handstand progressions on the wall. Spotting and differences entries to handstand included.

Miguel will show the most common body positions mistake based on his own methods and techniques with support and encourage each individual to progress until they are able to jump into a free handstand in the FUTURE.

Part Four: Core Training

This section is devoted to getting the most out of the 10-minute strenuous core stabilisation method. The core is the base and power of the body, therefore maintaining a well-conditioned core is essential to achieving a stable handstand.

Date: 24 November 2019

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: $140 (10% members discount)

Meet Miguel

Born in Brazil, Miguel has traveled the world teaching his handstand and balancing techniques to thousands of people. While many athletes focus on quick results, power movements, and how fast or strong they can get, Sant’ana instead focuses on the process itself, including balance, stability, and patience. These are the tools he gives his students, not only in the world of fitness, but as skills to use every single day. 

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