Gravity Surfing with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco – Fitzroy Studio

Gravity Surfing



Fascinated by weightlessness? Then ride the wave of gravity! Rejuvenate the mind and body with challenging inversions and arm balances. Learn the fundamentals for lift-off, surfing the air with grace and landing nimbly with precision. Fun and exceptionally amazing. For advanced students only.

All workshops begin with a short, yet special Ceremony of song, invocation, and smoke blessing. Ana and Medicine Man, Jose Calarco set the intent for the practice and honour the ancestors and custodians of our sacred land.


About Ana and Jose

Ana Forrest has been changing people’s lives for nearly 40 years.  An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience.  With thousands of licensed practitioners around the world, Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.

Jose Calarco has had a long and wide-ranging association in the arts in Australia and around the World for the last twenty five years, in this time he has covered almost the entire spectrum of experience, from producer and administrator of large-scale events, to innovative artistic direction in the fields of dance, film, theatre, yoga and music. Jose’s strong management credentials have seen Descendance Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre grow into one of Australia’s leading international Cultural Exports.




“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.” 


16 February 2020






Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco


$85 (10% members discount)

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