Ganesha Flow with Janet Stone – Adelaide Studio

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Plant your roots deep into the earth, where Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) resides and blast it all open from there. Janet will talk about the legend of Ganesha as part of the class so you’ll get to learn about this classic ancient Deity! We’ll use the fierce strength in our legs to awaken our root power and as we go deep into the down, we’ll use that strength to open up. A journey into hips, ignition of your core power and liberation of your upper body.

Chanting. Moving. Breathing. Sweating



Janet Stone’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today.In 1996,she traveled to India,the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. She aspires not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from her, letting awareness blend with movement and breath.

“My “yoga” moment came in 1996, when I up and left the Hollywood scene and spent the next year and a half on a life- changing solo journey around the world, from New Zealand to Egypt, and to northern India (where I first explored yoga and began my formal training), all of which led me to a deep, personal transformation on many levels. Time and fate somehow guided me back to Northern California, the region of my childhood, in 2001, where I settled in San Francisco to raise my amazing girls and open an enormous window to a new journey as a mother and a yoga teacher, a journey that continues with joy, gratitude, and a willingness to show up every day.”


16 November 2017






Janet Stone


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