FUNctional Vinyasa

Explore functional Yogasana focusing on range of motion, joint health and longevity of practice.

Join Duncan Peak and explore functional Yogasana methodologies focusing on range of motion, joint health and longevity of practice.

This workshop will educate the student on how to best reach and maintain a healthy range of motion (R.O.M.) for your joints. These Functional Range Conditioning teachings are backed by science and Duncan Peak or Troy Abraham will integrate them into a yoga class so you can feel how and when to apply these principles. 

Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina and used by athletes all around the world, Duncan Peak will translate these teachings into yoga asana to make them accessible to us all and create an even more potent, safe and effective asana practice. This is the cutting edge of how physical asana is being taught and experienced.. Don’t miss out, your body will thank you.


We will cover:

  • joint health and maintenance
  • understanding Passive vs Active Range of Motion, and why it matters
  • the foundations of Functional Range Conditioning (CARs, PAILs & RAILs)
  • training in a daily movement practice for your life, even when you can’t get to the studio
  • learn to have more control in your current range, and how to expand your current range of motion

1 & 2 February 2020

1:00pm - 4:00pm

$55 (10% members discount)

Meet Duncan

Duncan is the original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and the Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO of Power Living. With 14+ years’ of teaching experience behind him, he continues to share his modern-day yoga philosophy with the community. He has an anatomy background in NeuroSpinology, has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein and practiced Raja Yoga for nearly 20 years.

Duncan’s classes will take you on a powerful and transformational journey. His teachings blend pre and post-classical yoga philosophies with traditional Hatha, contemporary Vinyasa and Yin Yoga methodologies, influencing their evolution in Australia and New Zealand. Read more


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