Flight School with Adam Whiting

Learn to Soar

Every posture in this practice has an endless depth of knowledge that it can offer us. We can learn more about ourselves in the way that we approach each pose, whether it is with patience or urgency, attachment or aversion. Whether we soften at the sound of it, or bristle and spin stories to support our perception of the pose, we can teach ourselves how to expand into a deeper understanding of ourselves through what the postures stir up inside of us.

Join Adam Whiting in this exploration of the inverted practice where we will learn to approach our handstands with levity, lightness and a structured approach to help us understand the key building blocks necessary to create a solid and safe structure. All levels are welcome to join, to play, and to explore with options available for everyone. We will move through solo movement, partner play, and supported flight until you are ready to take the leap and take off on your own.

Date: Saturday, 17 Feb, 2024

Time: 12 pm - 3pm

$69 (Members 10% off)

Bondi Studio

“Yoga was the scalpel that helped me peel away the seemingly endless layers of anxiety, panic and sadness that had wrapped themselves around my chest. Yoga taught me that underneath those layers was a place that I could access that was quiet, spacious, peaceful and forgiving. It showed me that through movement modalities, stillness practices and self-inquiry work that we are all capable of cultivating a life that is driven by purpose and connection.

I began studying with teachers that I found in local yoga studios, and then I tracked down their teachers and began to walk along the path of yoga that I am still journeying on today. I have been lucky enough to sit with and learn from many of the great contemporary minds of this practice, including Rod Stryker, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter, Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Dice Iida-Klein. I have studied anatomy with Tom Myers, philosophy and history with Carlos Pomeda, and meditation with Jonni Pollard. I have been sharing what these teachers have transmitted for well over a decade now, teaching throughout the United States, Asia and Australia.”