Festive Flow

Christmas Day Class.

Tina Tainui is BACK for a special Christmas Day class. Join her for a grounded and fun embodied flow to raise the vibration and share your gifts this Festive Season!


Class by Donation.
$20 suggested donation to support PEACE.IN. – An organisation passionate about prison reform that takes yoga, mindfulness and meditation to Victorian prisons.

25 December 2019

08:00am to 09:00am

Cost: By Donation. $20 suggested donation to support PEACE.IN.

Meet Tina


I began my journey into yoga at home with the Richard Hittlemans YOGA book.  Little did I realise this was to be the beginning of my life long yoga journey.  I fully woke up to my yoga journey in 2004 when I went on the road with Michael Franti, one of my roles during this time was to organise yoga in every city every day while touring worldwide in six week stints….this experienced changed my life and I never looked back. My yoga journey has not only changed my life but it has and continues to heal me in ways I never thought possible!  Fast track to 2014 and I fully committing myself to my asana practise and found my way to P.L.A.Y. In 2014 I completed the 200 hr Teacher Training and the 50 hr Yin Training with Duncan Peak. In 2015 I completed the 50 hrs CHAKRA training with Laughing Lotus NY. This year (2016) I have completed 50 hrs Bhakti training and 50 hrs FLY inversion training in India with Dana Trixie Flynn, the founder of Laughing Lotus NY. I have also had the pleasure of studying with the Ana Forest, Sharron Gannon & David Life (founders of Jiva Mukti), Meaghan Curry, Tiffany Kruikshank, Les Leventhall and Erich Schiftman. My classes bring CONNECTION in safety, GETTING REAL while being VULNERABLE and  never leaving the heart. They are strong – full of Earth – with a good balance of Fire and Water.  Though I absolutely love alignment, freedom and space is essential to my classes.  Creating space in the body through breath, gives us a pathway to navigate – to see what it is that we are experiencing and more beautifully how we choose to meet that experience. The most vital part of my teaching is to read what is needed in the room physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel my greatest gift is that through the vehicle of the body I can speak to this. It is here that the magic happens and healing is possible. My teaching comes from my full life and my commitment to myself, to always honour my role as a student first.  It is an honour to be here and I give myself fully to the experience.

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“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.”