Fearless Life – Manoj Dias – Manly Beach

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Learn the benefits of Mindfulness (shamata) meditation practice with this renowned meditation teacher. Fear, just like stress, grips our life. For most of us we run from those things that scare us. We avoid relationships, jobs, events and people that trigger our fear response. Meditation practice is one of the most powerful tools that allows us to see things just as they are, not from our conditioned beliefs or doubts. Come to enjoy a slow flow and meditation and feel the benefits of a joyful heart and fearless mind.


About Manoj Dias

Manoj is an animated speaker, humble teacher and always a friend. He knows that Theravada Buddhism is too vast and wise for any single person to own. So, he’s learnt from many of the great spiritual teachers of our time including Channa Dassanayaka, Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. Once tethered to a life of self-management, rather than self- awareness, Manoj has been transformed by every breath of this practice, knowing that awareness leads to healing, from the inside, out.Through mindfulness and meditation, he’s helped hundreds of people trade mania for pause, so that they may live fearlessly in honour of a happier and more meaningful life.


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“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.” 


11 August 2018




Manly Beach


Manoj Dias


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