Divine Poetry – Adam Whiting – Adelaide studio

About the workshop

Divine Poetry – unraveling the mystery of mantra 

The sages of yoga tell us that our essential nature is truth, joy and bliss. Our separation from that bliss is due to our entanglement in the peaks and valleys of this human experience. Mantra is a potent and powerful tool that can act as a bridge to take the practitioner over the fluctuations of the external world and reconnect them to consciousness within.In this workshop we will weave strong asana and mindful mantra together to tune the body, breath, mind and voice so they can all come together in a clear and purposeful harmony. We will wade in the waters of Mantra Vidya, or the science of Mantra. Part discussion, part all-levels asana practice, and part Kirtan; we will converse with the intellect, the heart and the body to truly feel the power of this ancient practice.

About Adam

One of the first things that people recognise of Adam Whiting is his laugh. Students say that they can hear it rolling down the street as they approach the studio to practice one of his classes. His smile is generous and immediate and his passion for yoga is contagious.
Adam leads classes, workshops and trainings that are full of anatomical precision, intelligent sequencing, and potent philosophy. He has practiced and trained in various styles of yoga, including Tantra, Ashtanga, Anusara and Vinyasa. His musical training is integrated throughout his teachings in spirited kirtans and soft serenades in savasana.


The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level and may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and we always recommend that you participate only to a level where you feel safe and comfortable.


23 August 2019


6pm - 8:30pm


Adelaide studio


Adam Whiting


$59 [10% members discount]