Riding The Waves – Dice Iida-Klein – Myaree Studio

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Our emotions can take us deeper and higher than our bodies could ever hope to – for better or for worse! Learn how to ride the waves of our emotions rather than sink beneath their overwhelming power, both on and off the yoga mat. Be prepared to find your emotional (arm) balance as hip openers steer us into a world of hip-focused arm balances. Open to all levels of athletic practitioners.


About Dice Iida-Klein

“I love yoga,and I love yoga-ing. I was fortunate enough to become a student of yoga in 2007.To be able to share my passion for yoga through teaching has been one of my life’s greatest gifts. It inspires change and growth in my life daily.Yoga allows me to meet a vast and diverse group of people all connected by one great love for yoga and movement.Yoga asks us to look into the darker corners of our mind, and it helps us to see the light as well. I am on a constant search to learn more from others so that I may learn more about myself. I can only hope to inspire others like my family, friends and teachers continue to inspire me.”



20 May 2018






Dice Iida-Klein


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