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This 2.5hr workshop is designed to help you learn how to adapt a regular vinyasa yoga class whilst pregnant. That could be for you as a mum-to-be, or for vinyasa teachers wanting to learn how to offer modifications for pregnant students. You’ll be empowered to stay safe and still reap the benefits of a flowing class.
Kelly Mittal is a renowned teacher of pre-and post natal yoga in Adelaide and her yoga for pregnancy classes are in high demand. Here she will guide you through the aspects of yoga that are really beneficial during the different stages of pregnancy, the things that might not be, and why. Bring your questions and come ready to get inspired about flowing with a bub on board!
About Kelly Mittal
Kelly is a warrior for self acceptance and authenticity. She’s passionate about empowering mums and mums-to-be on their sacred journey and to fully step into their power as life givers. Since discovering yoga 12 years ago, Kelly has studied extensively, with Hatha Training 500hr, Pre/Postnatal 150hr, Restorative 20hr, Vinyasa 200hr & Advanced Assisting 30hr. Kelly provides space for people to be truly honest in themselves and to step into their fullest power.

24 February 2018






Kelly Mittal


$45 (10% member discount)