BLOOMSTATE Masterclass with Emee Dillon – Adelaide Studio

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Spring is the time for sacred growth. For fresh starts and awakening. We reach our bloom state when we not only realise the potential we hold to fully open and flourish, but when we soften our judgements and comparisons. This two hour masterclass will be a delicious combination of fluid, heart-opening yang flow and deep, earthy, subtle yin states along the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. Expect to walk out of this experience open and re-charged. Ready and willing. What’s you most fulfilled state? B.L.O.O.M.S.T.A.T.E. Show up. Move. Love. Grow. Flow.
About Emee Dillon
Following a decade-long professional dance career, Emee found a deep passion for the yoga practice and the respect it holds for not just physical expansion, but mind awareness and understanding. She is a Lead Facilitator with Power Living and currently facilitates teacher trainings and retreats. Emee aims to instil an intelligent connection to strong fluid movement and body empowerment through the yoga practice, and a soft invitation to how living life from a softer perspective brings connection and abundance to our lives in spades.

22 September 2017






Emee Dillon


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