Bali Yoga Retreat – Uncover & Transform – November 2020

Bali Retreat - Power Living Australia

About the Retreat


Power Living retreats are the foundation of our transformational yoga practice and continue to be the biggest game-changer for personal development and growth. The process will challenge you, but if you’re ready to do the work it will change your life!

An immersion program, daily schedule includes meditation, yoga, workshops and inspiring community activities. You’ll make friends, journey together, laugh and love. Leave this week feeling strong, inspired and with a renewed passion for life. Join Duncan Peak and the senior crew for a journey of radical self-discovery, learning and transformation.


Register at least 3 months in advance to receive additional discounts and benefits!


Who’s the retreat for?

Curious students looking to take their practice to the next level and dive deeper into yoga, also for qualified yoga teachers wanting to refresh or upskill their 200hr training. Daily program will vary for each group of students.


All Students:

  • Learn new techniques and skills to improve your physical asana and meditation practice. You’ll develop a life-long commitment to self-awareness and living authentically.
  • The retreat is shared with the current 200hr teacher trainees.
  • Enjoy the beautiful, healing energy of Bali and soak up so much deserved ‘me time’ – get some beach action or relax with massages on your daily breaks.

200hr Qualified Teachers:

  • Are you a qualified yoga teacher wanting to refresh your 200hr training? Do you feel like you have the knowledge but lack confidence in the classroom?
  • This week is perfect for graduates who wish to upskill or simply want to revitalise their knowledge.
  • Join training lectures, PLUS participate in practice teaching where you will receive live feedback and coaching.
  • Receive 30hr credit towards your 500hr certification by completing the Journey Into Self Belief Systems module


What’s Included:

Retreat cost includes all meals, classes, lectures, manuals and twin share accomodation. Price does NOT include flights or local transport / transfers.



Alumni Creds:

“The Power Living Retreat is an amazing opportunity to put Yoga theory into practice in a safe and supportive environment. I experienced challenging asana practice, discovered things about myself I may not have otherwise ever uncovered, learned strategies to work through the highs and lows of life, and made some friends I hope to keep forever. Without trying to be dramatic, this retreat rebuilt my faith in humanity, which was seriously waning in these challenging times. I danced, I laughed, I cried, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thanks to the Power Living team for creating such an amazing and supportive environment and bringing us together.” Suzy Roessel (Manly Beach)


“I am in mid-life, and still this retreat skillfully helped me to look into myself, my body, my relationships, the choices I make and what is holding me back from living fully in the present moment. It was what I expected and not what I expected – and I am better – and more accountable to myself – because of the experience.” Richard Gove (Bondi Beach)


“The powerful content in this retreat allows you to learn about yoga in a deeper and healthier level, think for yourself, experience and redefine your life from the inside out, from your heart. It helps you to remove unwanted beliefs that have been stopping you from being your true self. It helps to continue your amazing life from a kinder and loving place allowing incredible experiences to come. I highly recommend this retreat to everyone into yoga, and also willing to discover their true potential in life! You also connect with a likeminded community and get to meet friends for life! I am truly grateful for this experience! Thank you” – Natalie Minana / 200hr TT 2019


“The realization that so many other beautiful, smiling people, also have such limiting beliefs helps me to feel less of an outcast and more “normal” if you like. It is also going to give me the confidence to try and confront some of my biggest asanas or biggest triggers with the confrontation with care or confrontation without expectation approaches. My balancing core belief makes me smile smugly!!”  – Renne Halliday


“What an absolute game changer! This retreat didn’t only just change my life, it revealed my true self. I’ve never felt so loved, supported and challenged all while having the time of my life. This magical week will reside in a special place inside my heart forever. Simply the best team of facilitators in the best setting available.” – Lucas Atkins


“The retreat is such a special experience because it speaks to our innate need for connection with ourselves and others. A truly heart warming, exciting and beautiful experience!” – Bianca Bautista


“I entered the retreat with an open mind, fully expecting a positive spiritual and physical outcome. I was completely unprepared for the way in which it has changed my life forever. I can never unlearn this positive approach to tackling life’s challenges head on.” – Mohan Koo


“The Power Living Retreat was an absolutely life changing event for me. I could never have imagined that I would have such a strong reaction in just one week but through this retreat I have learnt so many amazing things that it is hard to sum it all up in words. It is an intense week, however if you are willing to commit your mind, body and soul into it then you can be sure to reap the benefits. I have come away feeling lighter in my heart, my mind and also my body. I am full of new knowledge and wisdom and I will forever be grateful for everyone who took part in this retreat and everything that came with it.”- Elly Moore (Perth)


“The retreat was the best thing I’ve ever done. It has opened my eyes to ways I have been holding myself back, but also how this level of awareness opens us up to the limitless potential we all have within. The community was so beautiful and supportive and I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could.- Sarah Corbett (Adelaide)


“What a privledge this week has been. It was an honour to have Duncan squarely focused on us, our development, and done in such a nurturing and fun way. He is an exceptionally talented individual. I leave with a greater sense of community and compassion. I also feel much more in tune with myself, and feel a renewed sense of optimism about my life and my potential. It was an honour to participate. Thank you for being a big part of my life and caring about your community enough to facilitate such events.” – Rachel Zerr (Bondi Beach)


“I had heard it was a transformational experience, well it truly is! I had an amazing experience during the Bali Retreat, it was physically and mentally demanding but when you decide to embrace the process and deep dive to fully experience the retreat, you feel transformed. I couldn’t recommend more this retreat! Thanks to the Power Living Team who helped me to become more aware and feel like I was better equipped for the future, as a yoga teacher and as a human being!” – Justine Besse (Bondi Beach)


“I tried to go into this Retreat with an open mind, but my naturally sceptical self held some judgement on how much I could gain. I was truly blown away by the Power Living retreat experience. The process is so authentic with the perfect balance of challenging intensity and nurturing support. The balancing belief system process is exactly what I needed at this point in my life to create some positive changes in my life and the community experience has enabled me to create more meaningful connections. Practicing asana and learning correct alignment was a bonus. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience!” – Gabrielle Calleja (Perth)


“My heart is so full of love. What a privilege it has been to share this past week with the incredible students and the most caring and loving teachers I have ever met. I have no words for the emotions I felt during this Retreat. I feel so honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to attend a detailed course that is rich in anatomy and alignment allowing longevity for myself and future students and the most in depth self-study and self-awareness work I have experienced to date. This course taught me a process which I can take away and use in daily life to reduce my suffering and find a more peaceful inner world. Leaving this Retreat, I have committed to no longer getting in my own way. I will no longer set limits on myself. I will make wise decisions from a place of love and not a place of fear or uneasiness in uncertainty. It has left me feeling as if I can achieve anything. Life will truly never be the same. From the bottom of my heart thank you Duncan and the whole power living team.”- Ellie Johns (Adelaide)


“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.” 


1 November 2020


Starts 4:00pm, Sunday 1 November 2020
Finishes 10:00am, Saturday 7 November 2020


Komune, Keramas, Bali


Duncan Peak & the Power Living team


$2,199 AUD