Anti Gravity Lab with Triton Tunis-Mitchell and Jamie Wetherell – Adelaide Studio

Anti Gravity Lab Adelaide


Welcome to your laboratory of arm balances!

Join our physio-yogis Triton and Jamie for this 2hr workshop to focus solely on exploring arm balance poses.

You’ll investigate the aspects that allow us to take flight in the family of poses like crow, flying pigeon, grasshopper, firefly and more. Learn how the hands, wrists, shoulders and core all play their role in the process. Strengthen and integrate through an intelligent flow of foundational poses to build up the awareness needed to get lift off. This is the perfect opportunity to build confidence in your arm balance practice, break down the shapes you’ve not yet mastered, or consolidate your strength!

Anti gravity lab is open to all levels of practice from first timers to frequent flyers. Spots are limited so book your seat at the front desk or online.


About Triton
Triton is one of the owners and Lead Facilitators of Power Living Adelaide. Triton comes to yoga from a long history of body knowledge and practice: he is a practicing physiotherapist with 30 years experience as a trainer and performing acrobat. His unique skill set makes him the perfect combination of art and science with his huge heart to accompany with his skilful teaching. Triton’s classes are encouraging and exploratory so you can find your fullest potential physically, mentally and spiritually.


About Jamie
Jamie’s enthusiasm and warmth is infectious. Jamie came to yoga when he was 19 years old through meditation and self study. Ever since then, he has continue to lean deeply into his practice on and off the mat. He has added physiotherapist and pain science expert to his resume, and he’s crafted his arm balance practice to epic levels! You can expect to feel inspired inside and out after spending time with his inquisitive and kind spirit.


“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level and may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and we always recommend that you participate only to a level where you feel safe and comfortable.”


29 September 2019


12:30pm - 02:30pm




Triton Tunis-Mitchell
& Jamie Wetherell


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