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Masterclass Series in Tantric Hatha Yoga

An introduction to traditional Tantric Hatha: yoga’s ancient science of energy management. ‘Tantra’ means to expand beyond limits, weaving together a tapestry of practices that lead us closer toward the ultimate goal of yoga: coming home to our true Self. You’ll explore Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation throughout the three progressive phases of this masterclass series.

Stage 1: Moon: (mind | chitta)

Medicine for the modern mind, and the foundation of all tantric hatha yoga practices. Deep, challenging and nourishing, in moon practice we aim to calm and stabilise both body and mind. Predominantly forward folds and twists, and a focus on building the exhalation, Moon practice guides awareness inward so that we can touch in on the stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind, and connect to that part of ourselves that does not change- our true nature.

Stage 2: Sun: (energy | prana)

To build and manage energy, cultivating sensitivity to Prana- the ocean of energy that sustains all life. In the solar path, we build radiance and voltage within the vessel of the body, powering us to truly thrive in our lives. Using backbends and lateral movement and deepening the inhalation, we expand and enliven the body, allowing a greater capacity to connect with our own source of Prana. Sun practice is energising, expansive and uplifting, always take the Moon with you!

Stage 3: Fire (illumination)

To ignite the radiant power of the soul. Fire practice is the culmination of Tantric Hatha Yoga, where we begin to burn through limitations that hold us back, and call forward the sacred power within the body, Kundalini. We explore all pose categories including inversions, and weave together various tantric techniques to direct energy into the central channel of the spine and guide our awareness toward deeper meditation. This practice ignites the transformational fire, to awaken to our higher consciousness and live into our life’s fullest potential.


About Sophie Taylor
Sophie came to yoga as a teenager and throughout her adult years began to cultivate a regular practice. As she dove deeper and learnt the traditional yogic wisdom her journey has become a deeply spiritual practice. Having practiced with Power Living since it’s arrival in Adelaide, she underwent teacher training in 2017, and has since completed trainings in yin, advanced vinyasa as well as extensive training in traditional tantric hatha yoga.


28 July 2019


28 July | 4 August | 11 August 12:30-2:30pm




Sophie Taylor


$99 for all 3 masterclasses (members discount applies)