Men’s Circle

with Troy Abraham & Jackson Goding

These days, being a Man means different things than it did say, 20 years ago. In the modern era, men are becoming more open to expression, communication and sharing. However, in many of our societal constructs, men may not feel so open to share on a deep level. It’s because of this that we are excited to announce the first meet-up of our Men’s Circle gathering – a safe, confidential place where men can gather to share in a positive path towards masculinity, listen & share from the heart & with compassion, & cultivate meaningful relationships & meaningful lives.
This will be a sacred space made to facilitate spirit, heart, inner wisdom & purpose for men as they negotiate their many roles in our current & ever-changing world. If you feel called to sit in, share, listen or simply see what it’s all about, please come and join us.
No yoga experience necessary
Bookings Essential!

Date: 17 April 2021

Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Location: Manly Beach Studio

Cost: Complimentary for members

Meet The Team

Troy has been facilitating groups for 13 years across North and Central America, as well as right here in Australia and Asia. Primarily focusing on the transformational benefits of a yoga practice, he has always maintained that in a space well held, students will allow themselves to open up and relax into the safety of being amongst a tribe that supports them.

In his time in facilitating, Troy has hosted nearly 6,500 group yoga classes, and 100s of Teacher Trainings where students have dove deep into their being, and found self propelled transformations that were available all along, and simply needed to be revealed.
In this circle, Troy will be co-hosting with Jackson Goding, of Find Reason Therapy, to hold space for men to simply be heard, and to speak openly, freely and incisively, as there is no time to waste on our collective journey of self expression and interaction with the world.
We hope you’ll join us, and that you will show up fully, for yourself and for your brothers!


Jackson is a passionate and innovative therapist that prides himself in helping individuals to find reason to live, to grow and to understand. Jackson supports individuals, using the relationship created to drive the therapy. Jackson provides a safe space for individuals to find reason to improve and grow in their connections and life.

Jackson runs groups that aim to focus on connection and relating to oneself and others by sharing support, resources and experiences in order to encourage and increase self-directed positive change for people’s journey.

Jackson is a registered member with Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation of Australia. He has a Bachelor in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. His focus areas are in relational psychotherapy, emotionally focused therapy, process-oriented work and mindfulness practices.

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