30 Days of Personal Practice

Elevate your personal practice with this 30 Day Yoga and Meditation immersion! This transformational program is divided into 4 weeks and will focus on:

  • 30 days of yoga (Asana) (either at our studio, livestream or yogaholics classes)
  • Meditation and breathing techniques to help guide you through 30 days and beyond.
  • Guided self-enquiry: giving you an opportunity to share with others in the group and integrate your learnings for ongoing change.

Finally, we celebrate! At the end of the 30 days we come together as a community to connect and celebrate. We hope you’ll come away from this personal project with a ritualistic practice that has become a habit, that you feel competent to practice meditation by yourself, and that you feel connected to your community of teachers and fellow students. Starts August 9th! Led by Drew Wilson.

Date: 9 August

Time: 7:30PM - 8:30PM

$49 | Members $199 | Non-members + Modern Yoga Book by Duncan Peak $39.95

Drew Wilson

Facilitates strong, experimental and fluid vinyasa classes that are playful and creative as well as hatha-inspired classes that focus on alignment, based on the body’s natural intelligence. He also enjoys guiding yin classes for subtle and quiet introspection of practitioners.

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“The practice of yoga works at a physical, mental and emotional level & may be rewarding and challenging. We invite you to take care and participate to a level that you feel most comfortable.”