2020 Vision

with Triton Tunis-Mitchell

To achieve our most fulfilling life we need more than a wish and a prayer; we need a vision and a blueprint of how to get there. We need time and space to consider where we want to go; what are our soul goals and what are the life quests that bring forward our best efforts? And perhaps most importantly, who do we need to be on a moment to moment basis to actualise this potential?

In this full-day retreat we will combine deep self enquiry, asana, meditation and skill development to set ourselves in the best direction for 2020; you will leave with both a vision and a plan. Part coaching, part self-enquiry and introspection, this full day retreat will help you uncover your unique system for living. Expect to learn invaluable skills that will help you to craft yourself into a being with purpose, and of purpose.



  • Welcome circle, introduction, intention
  • Asana, meditation, guided journaling
  • Lunch
  • Vision tools, foundations of health living, personal blueprint creation
  • Meditation, closing


What you’ll walk away with:

  • Learn the fundamentals of building your energy to help fuel your evolution.
  • Acquire tools to help reorientate to what’s important to you at a macro and micro level.
  • Use asana, breath and meditation as daily stepping stones to actualisation.

8 February 2020

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

$89 (10% members discount)

Meet Triton


Triton is one of the co-owners and senior facilitators of Power Living Adelaide. Triton came to yoga from a long history of body knowledge and practice: he is a practicing physiotherapist and has had 30 years experience as a trainer and performing acrobat. He is an entrepreneur and a trained Optimize Coach with Brian Johnson. Triton has a unique skill set that brings together art, science and heart. He is an encouraging and open explorer who aims to help you uncover your fullest potential.

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