tamara jade power living australia yoga
tamara jade power living australia yoga

Name: Tamara Jade
Role: Facilitator

After completing a business degree and going on to experience the big world through the fashion industry, Tamara Jade hadn’t really found that “thing” that spoke to her – that something that made her heart sing. That was until one day after yoga practice, Tamara’s teacher announced that their next teacher training would start later that month! Right then and there Tamara decided, “No excuses, I’m doing it!”

And so began a real love affair with yoga. Yoga has given Tamara a balance and breath in life that she hopes to pass on to everyone. Tamara’s passion is in empowering people to reach their full potential through providing the right tools and resources, and encouraging a culture of leadership, goal setting and personal responsibility.

If Tamara could accomplish one thing in life it would have to be living for and in each moment- not looking into the past or wishing for the future. 

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite sound?

Rain falling on a roof or a big thunder storm!

What turns you on?

Seeing someone truly happy.

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about?

I can do a mean Irish jig!