simon ngo

Name: Simon Ngo
Role: Facilitator

Coming from a background in sports and fitness, Simon Ngo has been exposed to the competitive sports arena since he was 10. After studying accounting and finance in university, Simon entered the corporate world before immersing himself in fitness as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer in 2012. He first discovered yoga for the physical benefits and to become more ‘flexi’. In 2015, Simon started to deepen his practice and understand the deeper effects of practicing and living yoga. Raised as a Buddhist, Simon connected with a lot of the philosophical teachings of yoga. He completed his 200hr teacher training with Power Living in 2016 and hopes to always sprinkle joy and positivity in all his classes.



Getting to know the crew:

What’s your favourite asana?

Any arm balance! These asanas are challenging and I’m afraid of falling… it’s when we fall that we learn the biggest lessons in our practice and life!

What sound do you love?

The sounds of ocean waves.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do? 

You can always find me at the beach with a book