shelby almaranti power living australia yoga perth
shelby almaranti power living australia yoga perth

Name: Shelby Amaranti
Role: Retail & Marketing Manager

Originally introduced to the Bikram world in 2010 by her dad, she experienced a pretty on and off practise for over 5 years before she was introduced to Vinyasa on the first day of teacher training for Power Living here on the West Coast. Freshly out of high school with no interest in uni, she was all in for one of the most inspiring challenges of a life time. Shelby had found my flow. With a background of dancing and gymnastics, flexibility came fairly easy to her but the journey she is now venturing on has proven how much more to yoga there is then the asana practise.

As part of the first group of 200 hour Teacher training graduates back in 2014, She felt welcomed into one of the most warm and caring families, that is life with Power Living who she feels have completely supported and inspired her into the person she is today, encouraging her with new and exciting opportunities everyday. Blessed.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why ?

I am a backbend junkie, anything heart opening feels phenomenal!

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about?

At the end of a long cocktail night, I discovered I can actually use chopsticks with my toes.

In one word how would your best friend describe you?