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Name: Sarrah Jayne
Role: Facilitator

Yoga found Sarrah Jayne (SJ) while she was studying Naturopathy in Auckland in 2009. She had a strong sense that this practice was more than just physical and she became fascinated immediately with the deeper elements. A year later, SJ had changed her course of study to dive into yoga full time!

Since graduating her yoga studies in 2012, SJ has sought further training with many international teachers including Sean Corn, Suzanne Stirling and Kerri Kelly who are some of the founders of Off The Mat Into the World (USA). With Marianne Elliot (NZ) and Cate Peterson (AU), SJ has facilitated Embody your Purpose and Yoga in Action trainings in Auckland and Wellington and started the Off The Mat Aotearoa Trust which aims to provide trainings and opportunities for yogis to take their sadhana (practice) off the mat, out of the studio and into the world.

SJ has found the Mindfulness for Change community in Wellington to be a huge support network in the path of Seva (service) and has learned that showing up fully present, serving the wholeness of an individual or a community through deep listening and respect and then surrendering the outcome to something greater than myself is my path. Her aim is to teach every single yoga class with this ethos.

SJ teaches vinyasa, yin, restorative, yoga therapy style hatha, pranayama and meditation in gyms, community centres, homes, offices, festivals and beaches around NZ and is excited and honoured to step into Power Living and give back to the community that have given me so much over the last year.


Getting to know the crew:

Hidden talent…
Bellydancing – I was teaching and performing bellydance for five years before I found yoga!

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Alan Watts and Ram Das at the same time!

Yoga has made me…
Stop pretending to be anything other than my whole self – flaws and all!