sam hayes power living australia yoga
sam hayes power living australia yoga

Name: Sam Hayes
Role: Facilitator

Sam discovered Yoga at 20, following his curiosity. After that class, he practiced on and off for the next ten years – coming back to the practice either when he felt depressed or broken physically.

It was only after linking yoga to joy (instead of rehab), that Sam became consistent. Today, asana is there for Sam like an encouraging friend he sees everyday. A man of many dreams (that are seemingly unrelated to yoga), Sam is fuelled by his practice.

Sam loves the Power Living style and teaches vinyasa yoga. Expect simple but challenging classes with Sam – he loves to sweat and use music. His favourite part of every class? The final 20 minutes – when the real work gets done!


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why ?

Tadasana- it is a template for how to approach all the others.

What turns you on?

My wife. 

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about?

I don’t hide any of my talents.