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Name: Sacha Norsworthy
Role: Facilitator

My yoga teaching style focuses on working intuitively with the individual to facilitate the changes they want to make in their life.  Transformation through confrontation; increasing awareness of where we self depreciate and self sabotage. Students are challenged to reach beyond their perceived limitations and open themselves to the process of transformation. My training in Yoga therapy assits hands-on adjustments to help students to learn a safe and stable foundation for their practice.
My classes are mindful, dynamic, enlightening and fun. You will leave my classes feeling physically and spiritually invigorated. I have been teaching since qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2007. Teaching group classes in several disciplines and working with individuals on a one to one basis. I have adopted Yoga practises and insights, as a method of life coaching. I honour the perenial philosophy whist allowing adaption for our contemporary lifestyle pressures.

Getting to know the crew:

In one word how would you best friend describe you?

Creatively intelligent (well, thats two!)

If you could share a meal and a conversation with anyone dead or alive who would that be?

It would be first choice…Jesus, second choice….Leonardo Da Vinci and i’d learn Italian for the occasion. 

One word to describe your classes…