Rosie Sievers Power living australia yoga new zealand wellington
Rosie Sievers Power living australia yoga new zealand wellington

Name: Rosie Sievers
Role: Facilitator

Rosie embarked on her yoga journey at the end of a tumultuous teenage years with a bag of life experiences to unpack. She was instantly drawn to the new connection with her body, that was unfolding with her practice. As she explored that connection her relationship to her body transformed from a place of comparison and shame into a haven and safe space.

Rosie is a YES woman, an explorer of life with interests ranging from graphic design to gardening, ocean swims to creating nourishing food. She delved into Power Livings teacher training in 2016 with a desire to share what her own practice helped her find; a deep and loving union with herself, other humans and all living things.

Rosie embodies the element of earth. In her classes you can expect to feel grounded connected and alive.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
Supta Baddha Konasana, it’s the first thing my body usually asks for when I land on my mat. I adore the feeling of opening to the sky while being held by the ground below.

What turns you on?
The full moon on the backdrop of the milky way, the suns rays on my bare skin, NATURE. 

In one word how would you best friend describe you?
I have multiple best friends so multiple words: Goddess, Salubrious, Energetic, Free spirit, Sui generis (I had to look this one up but it’s pretty on point!).