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Maud - Power Living Fitzroy
Maud - Power Living Fitzroy

Name: Maud Léger

Role: Facilitator

For Maud, Yoga is an essential life-long practice that maximises our potential, helping us to find and to understand the truth of who we are.

She believes in a continuous and holistic practice that incorporates: embodied movement (Asana), meditation, breath (Pranayama), ayurveda (ancient holistic medicine, encompassing Nutrition, Mind and Lifestyle), self-enquiry (Svadhyaya). She practices daily.

Maud teach Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to allow people to feel connected to their essence. With a lifelong passion for movement, she interested in the physical practice of Yoga and the effect of Asana and Pranayama on the body, mind and movement of energies. She also practises Transcendental Meditation, and firmly believe in its healing and transformative power.

Maud first trained in Iyengar Yoga in Paris with Alex Onfroy (2010-2012) before relocating to Melbourne and completing my 200hr YTT certification in Vinyasa Yoga at Power Living Australia (2014), with Cassie Lee and Chris Wilson. She recently completed her 300hr YTT certification in Tantra and traditional Hatha with Zuna Yoga. Her teaching is continuously influenced by Modern Yogis like Rod Stryker (Yoga Nidra), Meghan Currie, Dice Iida-Klein as well as Iyengar Yoga Master Usha Devi.



Getting to know the crew:

What sound do you love?

The sound of rain pouring over the roof, the sweet whisper of the waves hitting the shore, the sound of people laughing out loud, the sound of the wood cracking in the fire place and…the sound of the cork popping out of a Champagne bottle.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?

I play with fresh blooms, I cook, I spend time in nature, I dream, I dance.

How do you want your students to feel after class?

When students walk out of my class I hope they feel inspired, embodied and fearless of being themselves.