Lizzie Dixon Power Living Australia Yoga
Lizzie Dixon Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Lizzie Dixon
Role: Facilitator

Lizzie’s passion for yoga was born after she attended her first class at a local council gym. She was in search of relief from chronic physical pain, suffering from past grief manifesting in her physical body. She knew from that first class she had made her first step to healing.

It was the physical aspect of the powerful Asana practise that first inspired Lizzie and got her out of immediate physical pain, but it wasn’t long before a sense of connection came from the traditional teachings.

Lizzie is a spiritual person with a deep love for living your Dharma and being your best self. Her personal journey has given her a desire to help connect people with the somatic ways our physical beings talk to us. Lizzie believes in the power of the mind, the power of quietening the mind and a holistic attitude to the body and mind to truly heal. Expect to explore your boundaries in Lizzie’s classes, in a fun and dynamic way.


Getting to know the crew:

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about?
Animal whisperer. I can totally speak animal.