lenni munro power living australia yoga
lenni munro power living australia yoga

Name: Lenni Munro
Role: Facilitator

Lenni Munro fell in love with the practice of yoga almost 20yrs ago after a particularly challenging health issue and has since completed 500hrs of training in traditional, hatha and vinyasa. The union of breath, body, mindfulness and heart created fluidity, deepening the way she moved through the world and led to a long lasting relationship. Shortly after Lenni began yoga, she discovered the correlation of this practice on the mat and applying its principals within the ‘day to day’ …living yoga as a state of mind rather than simply a technique. When we cultivate inner silence we are more able to ‘check in to see what condition our condition is in. ’

A wonderful bonus of yoga for Lenni was the community of like minded others that could be found, not only in the proverbial back yard but also around the world. Lenni’s classes are a creative, dynamic flow with emphasis on breath, light and authenticity…and she has been known to break into a chant or two!


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite colour?

Green… for the love of trees and the Heart Chakra!

In one word how would you best friend describe you?


What sound do you love?

So tricky to narrow it down… however I do love listening to my kitty cat purring and can’t go past a glorious vocal harmony!