kaylee falkner power living australia yoga
kaylee falkner power living australia yoga

Name: Kaylee Falkner
Role: Facilitator

Growing up, Kaylee Falkner could never get enough of soccer, running and dancing. She found freedom in movement and this love led her on the path to run track for Vanguard University whilst earning her Bachelor Degree in Psychology (Hons). During these years, she learned how to harness strength and explode with energy. After years of high-intensity athletic training, she began Pilates and Barre classes to strengthen her body in a balanced and safe way. In 2010, Kaylee completed Barre teacher training and began teaching classes to help others develop lean, strong and sculpted muscle tone. Soon after, she completed her Pilates Mat teacher training to gain further knowledge of the human body.


Somewhere in the mix of it all, Kaylee found herself lying in Savasana in a yoga studio in Arizona, listening to Alexi Murdoch sing about orange skies and salvation. This is where her love affair with yoga began. After five years of practicing yoga, two babies and one new found passion, Kaylee dived into the journey of yoga teacher training in 2014. Since then, she has studied vinyasa yoga with Power Living and yin yoga with Melanie McLaughlin at The Yin Space.


Her classes are based in alignment and safe movement, linked with breath that connects the body, mind and spirit. Kaylee believes that through this connection, our yoga practice is a catalyst for living a long healthy life in freedom.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
Camatkarasana. I love playing with different transitions in and out of wild thing – I love lingering in this juicy, expressive and freeing backbend.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?
I love to spend time down at the beach with my husband and our two little girls.

I’m grateful for…
Family, friends, health and my community. Plus pizza and red wine!