Justine - Power Living New Zealand

Name: Justine Hamill
Role: Co-Owner Power Living New Zealand, Senior Facilitator & Studio Manager

Justine brings a variety of skills and experience to her teaching. A 42 year old mother of 3, trained in psychotherapy as well as 8 years experience as a Yoga Teacher who is 100% committed to living her Yoga on and off the mat. With a real sense of compassion and understanding Justine holds a safe yet strong space for your Yoga journey to unfold.

As New Zealand co-owner and studio manager Justine wears a variety of hats from teaching regular studio classes, managing the studio, facilitating workshops and 200hr teacher trainings as well as running community events for the local Wellington Power Living family. “I love that I get to connect with students on all parts of their Yoga journey, to hold space, watch them grow and create a community full of love and connection right here in New Zealand”


Getting to know the crew:

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt?

The birth of my children. When my twin boys were born and I found myself at home with three children under two I realized I have no control. The ultimate lesson in letting go. My children have taught me so much about what is important to me in life, selflessness and patience. Most importantly I learned that we need to let go of the plans we had in order for the universe to work it’s magic through us and allow us to find and live our Dharma.

What sound do you love?

MUSIC, as a professional singer in many bands over the years, music and voice are a huge part of my life. Not just the sound but also the healing quality and potential of the voice as well as other instruments. Music is a big part of our NZ studio and we regularly run Acoustic Yin with live music.  I also teach “Finding your voice” workshops in the studio, wanderlust and lovelake festivals annually.  The vibration of sound & music crosses barriers we can’t even touch with just words.

What is your favorite word?

Aroha – in Maori it means LOVE or the sharing of our breath, our most intimate tool for connection.